Bombshell Beer Company

As the only female-owned brewery in North Carolina, Bombshell Beer Company makes it clear that brewing beer is no longer just a boys club.

In honor of Women’s History Month, we created a special collection six-pack for Bombshell Beer that salutes women who have broken down barriers.


Logo Redesign

Old Logo

Old Logo

New Logo


Babes Who Slay

A 6-pack tribute to badass women who changed the game.

6-Pack Holder Manifesto

Bottle Caps with Sass


Social Media Hype

Leading up to the release, social posts will ask people to guess the women featured on the bottles for a chance to win a six-pack and branded swag.


Out of Home


Beer Truck

Bound to stand out at beer and food festivals.


Three Koozies.jpg


Free stickers will be handed out at the Babes Who Slay beer truck and grocery stores.

saluting sticker 2.jpg

Copywriter: Clare Davis